Why you only need to take care of yourself

If you are ignoring yourself, you are ignoring the entire universe.

Pushpender Yadav
6 min readMay 29, 2020


Why you only need to take care of yourself
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How should I start, “it’s not about you ”it’s about me” are you getting this? I think no, you aren’t, because you don’t know what I am relating to this?

Yes, this post is about me, every single piece of work that I have produced so far, all were about me, not about you or anybody else. Because a writer only writes about his own experiences, and what he’s going through in his life.

Words may suggest you need to do this for achieving that, but those words indicate I need to implement that into my life or I have implemented that in my life. That’s the reason I am sharing all this with you.

Whenever I meet people I usually ask them what the most important thing for you in this world?

Most of them get confused and choose to remain quiet, while some of them just mention these, kids, parents, future, love, studies, money, bf, it’s an ongoing list.

So, what do you think? What’s the most important thing for you?

Don’t read further, just close your eyes and think about your answer then move also. I know that you’ll hardly reach to the actual answer, but I have some faith in you.

If you have done guessing, you can answer that in the respond after reading the entire post.

So, what the correct answer? “You”.

Yes, Y O U these three English alphabets.

Only a few of you may have reached this answer? If you have, then you must appreciate yourself because you know the truth of everything.

Why you?

Just think about any possible thing that you have done without involving yourself.

I believe there is nothing that you have done without “you”.

So, everything that is important to you, is because of you, if you leave the life than nothing will remain important for you.

I hope you are getting the point in your life “You” fill meaning to everything. And in my life “I” do that work.